Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I wonder what Spock would think of this new search engine called

For searches on the world wide web, I start with Google as my standard search engine, but I am always looking for testing out new specialized search engines. [Editor's comment: Could you tell me when you changed from using for example AltaVista as your first pick to Google? I remember that I used AltaVista during my time in college between 1997 - 2000. I still use AltaVista's translation tool called Babel Fish, but my main tool is now Babylon translation and dictionary software.]

To continue with my line of thought in my ["editor's comment"], Google could end up in the same situation as AltaVista did in 2000... AltaVista had started with a portal and it lost it focus on search related stuff. [Editor's note to self: Is this the same pattern as the origin of Yahoo and the new human-edited blog directory service called] Google is nowadays all over the place and could end up side-tracked by another player on the search engine market. I have seen signs how they have been obsessed with beating Microsoft in all kinds of areas and as a consequence of this "hubris", having problem with its main focus on finding correct and valid search data and information on the internet. But I must say that I am impressed with their customer services in the case story of Anita Campbell's post, Google Called. Really!, at OPEN Forum Blog ("Insight from Business Experts").

For a different angle on the search engine competition, read Patrick's (Spock Research) post, How does Spock stack up against Google? In order to investigate how the "people search engine" Spock could compete with other search engines, I registered my own profile on Spock and did some searches. I see that I am already listed as a "male, 24 years old, Manchester, NH, United States." I will learn how to update old data and suggest a merge between the old and the new biographical information.

On's blog you find several posts on the presidential candidates. As a believer in freedom of choice and that abortion is pro-life, I did the following search to find a pro-choice presidential candidate:

My understanding is that the "Grand Old Party" has an unspoken rule to apply a "litmus" test for the potential candidates. According to the conservatives, the candidate has to be pro-"life". It is time to revert and turn around this requirement. Do you think that will happen in the Republican party?

I will follow the development of Spock and see if I could pronounce the following statement: " - A Great Place for Search" in the near future.