Tuesday, March 11, 2008


EGO blog is listed in a new blog directory called Blogged.com. EGO is rated as "8.0 - Great" and is ranked #19 in the business / innovation category. Here is an excerpt from Kristen Nicole's post, Blogged.com. More than Just Another Blog Search Tool?

In all, Blogged is more along the lines of BlogCatalog than technorati, so its primary topic is likely going to be the average web user that recognizes blogs too have a wealth of information across various topics. So in that regard I find Blogged could be a potential way to bridge the gap between a typical consumer searching for info on the web and the blogs out there that haven’t become part of the average online publication lineup. (Mashable, 02/24/08.)

I agree with Anita Campbell's statement: Blogged.com Helps You Discover New Blogs.

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