Saturday, December 9, 2006


On Friday I went to the indoor market called Briggen in order to give moral support to Sofia Appelgren at Wild'n Fresh Salad Bar and Deli. The Hotel and Restaurant Union had sent out members as "strike guards," picketing outside the shop. The union is trying to use force by a blockade against the employer. They handed out flyers stating that "employees without collective bargaining agreement are losing more than SEK 40,000 / year." I bought a piece of lasagne and gave the individuals behind the counter a Blue Chip Café brochure and told them to come to our place for a cup of tea or coffee.

Union workers posing outside the indoor market.

Wild'n Fresh at Saluhallen Briggen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Wild'n Fresh Saladbar & Deli

UPDATE 02/11/07:

In the news: Salad bar owner to sell up - The Local.

UPDATE 02/20/07: From the Local, a week ago:

Politician Fredrick Federley and former member of pop group Army of Lovers, Dominika Peczynski, plan to make a bid for Sweden's most famous salad bar. (02/13/07,

[Editor's note: I will add updates until everything is settled...]

UPDATE 06/19/07: New salad bar owners sign agreement - The Local, 04/10/07.