Friday, June 9, 2006


Good to hear that Al-Zarqawi is exterminated. Don't you think it is time to focus on the leaders of the terrorist headquarters in Iran? Here is an excerpt from Michael Ledeen's article, Iran Connects the Dots.

Zarqawi was a very important man in the terror network. I first noticed him some years ago, reading the German and Italian press. Several terrorist cells in those countries had been rounded up, and court documents showed that in both countries the network had been created from Tehran, by Zarqawi. Thus, years before we went into Iraq, Zarqawi was already a major player in international terrorism, and in recognition of his skills he was sent into Iraq as one of the organizers of the terror war against us and the Iraqi people. (, 06/09/06.)

Listen to Prodos's interview (The Case for War Against Iran) with Robert Tracinski.

Message From Above

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