Thursday, June 15, 2006


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Not Even Wrong

Paul Hsieh reports the publication of a book that offers a blistering critique of string theory in modern physics, and comments on its title, Not Even Wrong, which is taken from the worst of Wolfgang Pauli's three levels of insults for colleagues talking nonsense. (The other two were, "Wrong" and "Completely Wrong".)
Pauli's "Not even wrong" is the closest I've ever seen in mainstream science to the Objectivist concept of the "arbitrary".
Is this a positive sign for the culture? It would be if this phrase "crossed over" into the popular vernacular -- with its actual meaning intact, of course!

Clueless in Vienna (and Berlin, and Madrid, and Moscow, and Jakarta ...)

Amit Ghate at Thrutch on a world poll showing that "America in Iraq" is regarded as a bigger danger than Iran: "If that doesn't show how futile and ridiculous it is to look for permission from some 'global consensus' before we act in our own self-defense, I don't know what would ...."

Is the opposite of hair-splitting ...

... tearing your hair out?

Mike's Eyes See the Real Villain

I don't recall ever having heard anyone make this particular point about the high dudgeon feigned by liberals over rising oil and gas prices.
The price of gas is determined by the price of crude oil, which is being bid upon daily by nations all around the globe. Most of these bidders are governments not private oil companies. The OPEC cartel controls most of the oil out of the Mideast. Most South-American oil companies are state owned and Russia recently nationalized their oil industry. Yet the Levins and Ms. Stabenow want you to believe it's all the fault of evil, greedy private enterprise, and that governments are faultless, especially ours. [bold added]
The rest of his post is worth reading, as well.

Italy's Outrage Against the Truth

Andy cites a passage from an article on Oriana Fallaci's trial for "'outrage' to religion" in Italy.
[The] judge [who] ordered Fallaci to stand trial on charges of violating an Italian law that prohibits "outrage" to religion ... cited a passage that reads: "To be under the illusion that there is a good Islam and a bad Islam or not to understand that Islam is only one ... is against reason."
X-Men III Plot Crimes

Toiler explains something that was bugging me about that movie: "I know we're not dealing with high drama here, but even the most base drama should get this right: the physical situations don't ultimately determine the man-made in a story; it's the other way around."

An Ayn Rand Favorite

Robert Tracy posts the Rudyard Kipling poem, "When Earth's Last Picture is Painted", which Ayn Rand especially loved.

Sistani's Escape Clause

I have heard much made of Iraqi cleric Ali al-Sistani's recent fatwa to the effect that Moslems should obey Canadian laws. However, Jihad Watch reports that news stories written in English have failed to mention one little detail.

A reader there translates from a French news story about the fatwa: "The Ayatollah Al-Sistani orders Muslims of Canada to respect the laws of their host country, 'insofar as religious values are not ridiculed.'"

Well. At least Sistani was honest about Sistani's intentions....


So now Republican Congressmen support a minimum wage hike and a California court made a ruling friendly to gun owners? Tell me again why should I vote Republican. This would be the Democrats' answer. If only the Republicans could be half as convincing....

As it is, sitting out the next election seems the best "choice".

Diesel Boat Gumbo?

Apparently, I'm not the only blogging ex-submariner who posts gumbo recipes on the Internet....

Tweaking a Classic

Here is a new ending to an old commercial that I saw a lot of during the last World Cup! (And LL's post title would be an apt description for what the U.S. national team will have to play in order to keep from packing its bags early!)

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