Saturday, April 22, 2006


Have you managed to avoid the tree-huggers? [Editor's comment: Beating (biking) around the Bush?;)] Didn't you read my warning (BE WARNED: ANTI-MAN DAY ON APRIL 22) from last year? Be careful so you don't end up Meeting Doctor Doom... [Via TIA Daily.]

From Robert Tracinski's commentary, The Environmentalist Plague:

The core idea of environmentalism is not clean air and water. Its central idea is the worship of untouched, "wild" natureto which man is the ultimate threat who must be eliminated. Don't believe me? Check out the link below, a chilling description of how yet another environmentalist views man as a cancer on the earth and longs for a killer virus to wipe us all out. (, 04/21/06.)

Recommended reading:

Farce of Nature

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