Friday, November 12, 2004


This is a quick post with a "desserts" of links. I have to get an American calendar so I could be on top of things what's happening "over there." If you know a good site with American holidays, please send me an email or post a comment. You are welcome to add links to new interesting posts. I am trying to catch up... ;) Talking about holidays, on Wednesday it was my "name day." I have a potential business idea regarding the celebration of "name days." Yesterday it was St. Martin's Day. Luckily they got rid of "Martin Luther" in the Swedish almanac, but I could assure you that his ideas are still ingrained in the Swedish society...

I am glad that I am not in Sweden at the moment... Look what "our" Prime Minister is doing:

Persson led Sweden’s tributes to the Palestinian leader, who died in a Paris hospital on Thursday. Persson said that he felt “sadness” for the passing of a “great political leader”, reported Dagens Nyheter. He was less equivocal in his praise of Arafat than many of his counterparts in other countries, and credited Arafat with creating a national identity for the Palestinian people. ...
While most other Western countries will be represented at the funeral by their foreign ministers, Persson has opted to attend the ceremony in person. This reflects Sweden’s longstanding close relationship with the Palestinian leadership. (James Savage, The Local, 11/11/04.)

This weekend I will report on an election going on in Sopron, if I get hold of a newspaper written in English.

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