Sunday, May 9, 2004


I share Robert Tracy's (Illustratred Ideas) reaction to Osama bin Laden's latest message of rewarding terrorists with gold. I thought to myself: Has O.B.L. run out of paper money, plastic keys to the penthouse in heaven and virgins / abkarun? I will not try to come up with something clever and witty as Robert's post, The Root of All Good, so I will direct you to the following pieces:

¤ Bin Laden offers Amazon Gift Tokens (The Spoof! satire site).
¤ Al Qaeda's Bounty List (The Command Post). I wonder how much an American in Spirit is worth in gold? 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams)?

Here is an excerpt from Osama bin Laden's statement:

"You know that the United States offered great prizes for whoever would kill those engaged in jihad in God's cause. God willing, we within the al-Qaeda Organization are committed to offering a prize amounting to 10,000 grams in gold to whoever would kill the occupier Bremer, his deputy, the commander of the US troops, or his deputy in Iraq."

I wonder if the jihadis fully understand the fine print text of the "contract":

"In view of the security circumstances, the handing over of the prizes will be at the nearest possible opportunity, God willing." (BBC Monitoring, 05/07/04.)

How about the terms of delivery? Ex Works Cave #X, Afghanistan, or Free Carrier (transport by camel?), Pakistan, or Delivery Duty Paid (transport by truck?), Virginia?

On a related note: Who do you think will have to pay the $21 million security upgrade at U.N. HQ in NYC?

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