Wednesday, July 2, 2003


I wrote in a previous post on Iran that a general strike is planned for July 9. It is definitively the right time to start a military strike on Iran.

Take some time and read the following articles:
Death to Theocracy. By Robert W. Tracinski.
Death to Dictators in Iran. By Ralph R. Reiland.
The War's Critical Battle. By Joseph Kellard.
Iran's Moment. How To Seize It. By Andrew Sullivan.

For more information on what is going on in Iran, check out FrontPage magazine's symposium and Patriots for the Defense of America's campaign - "Support Overthrowing the Iranian Theocracy."

UPDATE 07/08/03: From the Financial Times: "The US backed the protests at first, but Colin Powell, secretary of state, backed off last Wednesday, calling events in Iran a "family fight" in which the US should not intervene." I hope that President Bush is not listening to this nonsense. It is time for the "hawks" to speak up! I hope that somebody in Washington will read Robert W. Tracinski's article, America Must Act Now to Bring Down Iran's Regime.

For more news, check out Winds of Change's "July 9 Carnival of the Liberties" and Iran va Jahan.

Prepare for the Strike! on July 9.

For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

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