Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Thank You!! Stand Up and Be Counted...

I received the following e-mail from Holly Valliant, San Diego, CA:

I want to thank all the Hollywood individuals who have stood up and let their voices be heard about the war. I think that it is important to know where Society�s idols stand on such important issues. The influence Hollywood Stars have on many individuals can hardly be denied. And yet, so often in the past their personal opinions have been managed by agents and publicists. I am glad this has changed. I hope all Stars follow their example.

It is now clear to me that Susan Sarandon and George Clooney have no regard for human life. It is now clear to me that Sean Penn and Michael Moore don�t care if a leader makes war against his own people. It is now clear to me that Woody Harrelson and Mike Farrell have no problem with pouring gas on people and lighting them on fire. Or, to be precise, is it more important to people like Martin Sheen to bring the President down rather than remove such a tyrant?

Wow, I am glad you spoke up. I would have never have accused anyone of such an attitude without such a confession, or proof.

If one starts mutilating and attacking people with chemical weapons, that one should be prepared to be �taken out�. These tyrants should fear being �taken out�. And it can only help if it known to all that those who mutilate and attack with chemical weapons might be �taken out�.

What issue is most important? The Stars� ability to influence social policy? Saddam�s privacy rights? The basic right to life denied the millions murdered by dictators?

For myself, I find one mutilation one too many. For myself, I find one chemical gas attack on a neighboring people one too many. For myself, I find one dismemberment one too many.

Thank you, American Movie Stars, for letting me know how you really feel about freedom and individual rights. In this day and age one has to consider carefully where, and on who, to spend their hard-earned movie money. I will remember all this quite clearly when I make my movie viewing choices next season, and that goes for music too, Dixie Chicks.

The Stars want their private life kept separate from their public life. Most of them crave privacy. Now, some of them want the public movie viewing audience to be influenced by their personal opinions. Public opinions that condone mass murder, biological warfare, and mutilation. Well, I accept. I will be influenced by their personal opinions.

Thank you, George, Susan, Tim, Sean... I sincerely hope others will stand up and be counted.