Sunday, February 16, 2003


Maybe I should have followed Fredrik Norman's advice..., but I had to go to Gothenburg city in order to buy some tea. (By the way: what kind of slogan is: "Make Tea, No War"?) I had to cut through the marching mob (around 30,000 people) twice. EGO had a counter-demonstration! I stood peacefully and waved a Gadsden flag ("Don't tread on me") and a 1st Stars and Stripes (the "Betsy Ross Flag") for about 30 minutes. Several people walked by and looked at my flags. I heard a camera flash behind my back, so maybe I am now registered in the "black book" (or should I say, the "red book"). I saw plenty of "Palestinian" and Cuban flags, and flags with Karl Marx, Che Guevara, and Saddam Hussein.

UPDATE 02/17/03: I look forward to read Michael Moynihan's report, Stockholm's Million Socialist March. It will be interesting to see his snapshots.

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