Wednesday, November 1, 2017


It is time for me to study numismatics again. Did you collect stamps as a kid? As an aspiring author, writing on my first forthcoming book on (black) tea, I want to use an excerpt from Ayn Rand's essay, Why I Like Stamp Collecting:

In all those years, I had never found a remedy for mental fatigue. Now, if I feel tired after a whole day of writing, I spend an hour with my stamp albums and it makes me able to resume writing for the rest of the evening. A stamp album is a miraculous brain-restorer.

I am often asked why people like stamp collecting. So widespread a hobby can obviously have many different motives. I can answer only in regard to my own motives, which I have observed also in some of the stamp collectors I have met.

The pleasure lies in a certain special way of using one's mind. Stamp collecting is a hobby for busy, purposeful, ambitious people ... because, in pattern, it has the essential elements of a career, but transposed to a clearly delimited, intensely private world.

(Minkus Stamp Journal, Vol. VI, No. 2 - 1971.)

Here are some photos from my collection of silver coins:  Money clip (silver coin) used as a tie-bar. Australian Saltwater Crocodile silver coin. #numismatics Britannia £2 silver coin. #numismatics Vienna Philharmonic MS 69 silver coin. #numismatics American Silver Eagle coin struck at West Point Mint. Early Releaes - MS 69. Libertad silver coin

If you are interested in learned more about collectible coins, check out this video by MintBuilder, LLC.:

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I look forward to visit a mint someday in the future.

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