Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Create Repeat Business As A Business Owner

Every time you win a new client, you want to prove to him that you’re capable of doing the job; you want repeat orders—repeat business.

Repeat business is extremely beneficial and important. The main reason why repeat clients are so important is that they cost less than new customers.

A repeat client will come directly to you and patronize you depending on what you do or sell but new customers are often difficult to convert…

 They have to be drawn in, and this cost a lot of money.

If you don’t have that feeling you’ll get business from a client again, then here’re some things you may need to work on:

Offer Something Extra---Something Of Great Quality

If your blog is remembered as a stream of information with helpful tutorials and insightful stories, then users will return.

You won’t have to spend money to convert new prospects. But if your blog is remembered as a selling portal for purchasing one information product or the other, then users might not return.

 They might just say: ‘’This guy is in for our money; he has nothing to offer’’.

Provide Great Customer Support---Show That You Care…

A great way to provide fast, and transparent customer support is via your social pages.

Ensure you’ve your contact details displayed on your website as well as clear links to your social pages: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+; so users can submit any queries they have.

Don’t underrate your customers. Don’t make them feel like don’t matter, because they do.

 They matter, and they’re the reason why you’re still in business.

Support is something that’s often overlooked by most business owners… infact, this is why most businesses can never grow.

 Learn to reply to emails. Pay attention to your customers and they’ll reward you with ‘’fungolas’’… ($ $$)

Follow up---Build an Email List

If you really want more repeat business, then learn to follow up with previous clients.

If you sell a product, or provide a service to a client, cash the check and forget about him or her, you surely won’t get any business from that client again.

You’ve lost that customer---and that could cost you a lot on the long run.

This is where email list building comes in.

 Take a minute to send an email to a previous client; tell him you enjoyed working with him; that working with him meant a lot to you, and that you’re always available for him. 

Don’t just send out products in your email content. Provide value; insightful tips and tutorials. Don’t bombard your email list with too many ‘’sends’’. You’re a business owner not an ‘’email spammer’’.

Send emails to your prospect every 2 days and ensure you provide value in your email content. 

Build relationships with your clients, get to know them, and they’ll likely send more business your way.

 What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Do you’ve any tips to add to the ones above? I’ll really appreciate your thoughts in the comments section!

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