Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Here is a short intermission from my blogging break! ;)

TeaParty.Nu - Welcome video (nu is now in Swedish) had an online house-warming party on July 4, Independence Day.

I want to be able to have this site as a showcase on how to create a meeting place (online and IRL) for tea enthusiasts.

The trick is to use a popular topic like "tea party" and drive traffic to It will be interesting to see how long time it takes for the site to hit the first page when you search on different keywords, e.g., "tea party movement", "tea party now", "tea party", "", etc. The secret sauce is to have a regular blogging schedule and to develop and positive link exchange between tea enthusiasts.

The unique value proposition is illustrated with our logotype created by John Cox. logotype logotype

How long time do you think it will take to "Crush it"?

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