Friday, June 24, 2011


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Today is Midsummer Eve and it is time for me to take a blog break and some kind of vacation. I will be back on a regular blogging schedule in the beginning of August.

Kirkwood "Lungboy" by John Cox.

I will contact the contributors (team members) of this blog (see the right column for a list of bloggers) and ask them if they want to publish some guest posts during the summer. If you want to contribute with a blog post, please write a note in the comment field or contact me via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


What will I do during the summer? I am glad that you asked that question! ;)

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I will stop by now and then and post an audio podcast on

I want to end this post with the following question:

The Muppets: Pöpcørn

[Editor's note: Do you like Genmai Cha green tea with rice and popcorn?]

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