Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Since the Speaker of the House accused her grassroots AstroTurf opponents of carrying swastikas to town hall meetings, the Left has been on a desperate search for pictures of protesters to substantiate her charges.

They haven't been very successful so far, but a brave Marine has recently offered them some pointers:

"My name is David, and I'm from Camas, Washington. And first of all, I want to let everybody know, since this is the thing tonight, that I'm a Marine Corp Vet. And, like you, I did swear an oath to defend my Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

"Now, I heard you say tonight about educating our children, indoctrinating our children, whatever you want to call it. [Baird: "I didn't say indoctrinating."] STAY AWAY FROM MY KIDS!

"I also heard you say you're going to let us keep our health insurance. Well, THANK YOU! It's NOT YOUR RIGHT to decide whether or not I keep my current plan. That's MY decision.

"I've heard recently in the media you and some other people on the national political stage call us brown shirts because we oppose ..."

[Baird interrupts:] "No, I did not. No, I did not. What I said was ... I ... and I've apologized for it!"

"OK, well thanks for apologizing, but let me ... (I want to speak to you, then I'll speak to the others) ... but I'll remind you--a little history lesson--the Nazis did not ... the Nazis were the National SOCIALIST Party. They were leftists. They took over the finance. They took over the car industry. They took over healthcare in that country.

"If Nancy Pelosi wants to find a Swastika, maybe the first place she should look is the sleeve on her own arm.

"But what I want to know is, you've done a lot of things that violate your constitutional oath, as you know. What I want to know is, as a Marine, as a disabled Veteran that served this country: I KEPT MY OATH. DO YOU EVER INTEND TO KEEP YOURS?

My salute to you, sir!

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  1. Yes, I've seen that. And I liked it.

    We need more people saying such (true) things.