Sunday, January 21, 2007


It will be interesting to follow AOL's bidding process for TradeDoubler AB. The Swedish firm is located in Stockholm, and has a strong position in Europe.

My guess is that AOL eventually will increase the bid, especially now when Alecta, a pension fund, said no to the initial offer. Tradedoubler has plenty of clients, e.g. in the travel industry (Expedia), electronics (Apple Store), telecom industry (Sony Ericsson), shopping (Reebok), financial services (American Express) and portals (eBay).

I agree with Jeff Molander's view that other online players, e.g, ValueClick and Google could be interested in entering the match and place a higher bid.

The advertising money is going more and more from TV to the Internet. With the upcoming presidential election, the online marketing will grow in a steady way. Related: My post, ADDING UP THE ADS.

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UPDATE: 01/24/06:

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