Tuesday, July 6, 2004


This weekend I was sitting on an islet in the western archipelago and celebrating the 4th of July with some fellow friends of America, so I didn't have time to send an entry to this week's edition of Carnival of the Capitalists, but I will do a trackback link to this week's host, pc4media, and give an answer to Peter Caputa's question regarding the health care business:

For instance, how would health care work if the government ran it like a business?

My answer is that the government should exit the area of health care. I could give you plenty of examples from Sweden on why it is not working with a having a huge public sector and socialized medicine. Sweden would need an ad hoc organization like Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, but I don't hold my breath that this will happen in the near future...

Here is a quote by Richard E. Ralston, executive director, AFCM:

The best way to celebrate Independence Day is to understand that we must counter the seduction of dependence on government, which robs us of our liberty. (Inside the Beltway, Washington Times, 07/02/04.)

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