Monday, October 14, 2002


I tasted a cup of Assam Mokalbari today. The tea has many golden top shoots and leaves. The taste is medium strong. I enjoyed the smoothness of the tea. I think that Assam is my favorite type of tea. It is perfect together with a splash of milk.

I bought a new wine a few days ago, Luis Felipe Edwards Shiraz 2001. I have to use the Wine Aroma Wheel sometime in the future. Talking about wine, I can recommend you to have a glass of Taylor's 10 year old Tawny port together with a piece of Saint Agur cheese (Compagnie Fromagere de la Vall�) on top of a rye biscuit.

I have started to work out at a gym. I have added Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training web site to the Good Life category.

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