Tuesday, May 28, 2002


DeNeen L. Brown at The Washington Post, has written an article with the title, Signs of Thaw in a Desert of Snow. The author is trying to make the reader concerned about "climate change" in the Arctic region. Look at the emotional language the author is using in the text, without any factual support:

"There is increasing evidence that the Arctic, this desert of snow, ice and killing cold wind, one of the most hostile and fragile places on Earth, is thawing. Glaciers are receding. Coastlines are eroding. Lakes are disappearing. Fall freezes are coming later. The winters are not as cold. Mosquitoes and beetles never seen before are appearing. The sky seems to be clapping as thunderstorms roll where it was once too cold for them." ... "While scientists debate the causes of climate change and politicians debate whether to ratify the Kyoto accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that many scientists believe cause global warming, the Inuit who live in Canada's Far North say they are watching their world melt before their eyes."

For a more scientific approach, go to The Science & Environmental Policy Project. Read Andrew Dalton's comment on the above mentioned article.