Friday, August 26, 2005


Morris finally found the cave containing the Transdanubian Cave Creatures who he thought abducted Martin from Sweden.

“Hello,” he said as he bravely entered the cave.
“I am here to save Martin from you ravenous Cave Creatures!”
In the Cave
“We are not monsters and we did not abduct Martin.”
“He phoned from the café 30 minutes ago and wants you to return home immediately and he will bring you back a treat from Hungary.

“Thank you,” Morris said with relief.
He returned to his plane and flew home to Sweden where he watched through the window for Martin to return with a Hungarian treat that will not reek of raspberries and catfish.
Morris at Home

Final note from Elizabeth -
Thanks for the comments Gus and Eric.
It's been fun playing around with images Martin has posted of Morris. I especially like the last image of Morris as the color is vibrant and it portrays a sense of peace and tranquility. (note Morris lost the tie - couldn't bring myself to add it on this one)

The other two cats in the cave with Morris are my cats, Miss Nana and Mr. Chubbus.
My son Nicholas helped me create a short and silly story line. :)

It's been fun co-guest blogging on EGO! And I can't wait to hear about the amazing adventures of Martin after he returns to Sweden.
Take care EGO readers! ~E

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