Sunday, May 15, 2011


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Hayley-Marie Coppin: biker chic In the early fifties when James Dean and Marlon Brando first made biker chic popular, their leather get-ups made them look like rebels - street toughs that you didn't want near your daughter. Nowadays that look has been copied in every area, from fetishists to little kids' Halloween costumes. The biker look is now more kitsch than criminal. But there's still a few leftover whispers of that fringe-of-society feel. Someone like Hayley, decked out in leather and studs, astride a motorbike, giving us attitude, makes us feel - at least a little bit - like this is someone we don't want to mess with. Maybe it's just confidence, or maybe its because she knows how damn good she looks, but Hayley rocks this set in a way that would definitely make Brando proud.

Hayley Marie Coppin - Biker Chic

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